Obesity Surgery

Are you experiencing high blood pressure and Diabetes?

Bariatric surgery has proven to be a highly effective strategy for weight reduction and the elimination of metabolic and chronic illnesses linked to obesity, including:

-Heart disease

-High blood pressure

-High cholesterol

-Obstructive sleep apnea

-Type 2 diabetes


-Polycystic Ovary syndrome


Why Choose Us for Your Surgery?

Cost-Effective Care

Our treatment at USAMEDITUR is affordable and straightforward. We offer comprehensive pricing that is significantly lower than other facilities in the United States, for procedures such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and revision weight loss surgery.

Protected and Safe

Our hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, is fully accredited and adheres to the same standards as hospitals in the U.S. We are situated in a secure gated campus with round-the-clock surveillance and two checkpoints.

Confidential Accommodation and Healing

Patients can recover in comfort in our private rooms. Our facility is located in the beautiful location of Istanbul, providing you and your family with the chance to recuperate discreetly while enjoying a vacation.

At USAMEDITUR, we are not only experts in bariatric surgery but also specialize in plastic and aesthetic procedures. Our clinic, located in Istanbul, Turkey, is a part of USAMEDITUR, which is dedicated to providing exceptional care in bariatric surgery.

In addition to our exceptional bariatric surgery services, we offer our patients a range of additional benefits. Following weight loss, you can take advantage of discounted plastic surgery options. We also provide affordable anti-aging procedures. Furthermore, our patients can enjoy complimentary beauty and spa services.

In the meantime, we provide supplementary services for your convenience, such as hotel upgrades, extended stays, and extra tours and activities in the local area, available for an additional fee.

Our team is dedicated to providing a seamless and stress-free experience for our patients. We handle all the logistics, including scheduling, transportation, and accommodation, allowing our patients to focus on their health and recovery.

At USAMEDITUR, our dedication lies in assisting patients in reaching their weight loss goals and enhancing their overall health and well-being. Get in touch with us today to discover the details of our medical tourism packages and find out how we can support you on your journey towards weight loss.