• Our team investigates the physicians best suited to your treatment (his/her experience in the field, his/her academic studies, and postoperative complication rates, patient experiences, operating room conditions, pre-op and post-op patient care services), in detail.
  • In the first stage, we evaluate all your medical data and discuss the procedures with our selected physician who will tailor your treatment and give you information about your treatment.
  • Some physicians may be better in some areas (for example, a plastic surgeon may be very good at breast surgery while another may be good at rhinoplasty and another at facial aesthetics). Thanks to the many years of experience in the health sector, we are much better at making this distinction.
  • We are a health tourism company certified by Turkish Health Ministry and Tourism Ministry. This is the most important distinctive feature of our company in the field of health care tourism.
  • In the second stage, we aim to provide you with the most reasonable price for a high-quality service.
  • For us, the patient’s health comes first. Patients may encounter a wide range of prices and often cannot distinguish the differences in treatments. Here again, having many years of experience in the field of healthcare makes this analysis easier for us.
  • We will support you throughout your treatment and resolve any issue you may encounter in Turkey.